Browser Testing

With all the different browsers out there, it's difficult to build a website that will work across the board. Fortunately, Dreamweaver does come with the ability to open the webpage you are constructing in various browsers so you can work out the kinks!


You can preview a webpage in a browser, but first you need to define which browsers you'd like to use. There are two ways to do this. The first can be found by going to Edit > Preferences and choosing the "Preview in Browser" option. The second is right on your toolbar:

Browser testing step 1

If you have any browsers listed already they will appear in the following screen:

Browser testing step 1a

As you can see I have Firefox as my primary browser. The shortcut key I can use is F12. I have IE 6 as my secondary browser. The shortcut key for that is Control + F12.


So how did I define those browsers that you saw in step 1? I'll show you with an example. Let's say I want to add the Opera browser as a third browser in my list. I would click the plus sign and define the following:

Browser testing step 2

I gave the new entry a name of "Opera". I then browsed to find the exe file for the Opera browser. I'm using Windows XP and it was located in the Opera folder within the Program Files folder. I then clicked Ok.

You should now see the Opera browser appearing as an option within the list:

Browser testing step 2a

NOTE: You can add as many browsers as you want to the list but only two can have a shortcut key.

So there you go. You can now preview your webpage in various browsers right from within Dreamweaver!

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