Magnify A Design

Have you ever wanted to bring attention to a specific area of your design, possibly an area that is very detailed? With this tutorial, you'll learn how to magnify a design!


Start off by opening a design you'd like to work with. Then choose a shape you'd like to use for the magnify area. I chose an ellipse. With the Ellipse Tool, I drew an ellipse and placed it over the area I would like to magnify.

Magnify Design step 1


Now let's use the Lens option. Go to Window > Dockers > Lens. Use the following settings (make sure the "Frozen" option is unchecked, we'll discuss that option in a bit):

Magnify Design step 2

You should see the area you selected get magnified:

Magnify Design step 2a

You can select the ellipse and move it around if you'd prefer to magnify a different area:

Magnify Design step 2b


What if you wanted to magnify an area but you don't want it to get in the way of the overall design? That's where the "Frozen" option comes into play. Make sure you have your ellipse (or whatever shape you're using) in the area you would like to freeze and check off the "Frozen" option:

Magnify Design step 3

Now move your ellipse away from the overall design:

Magnify Design step 3a

Notice it captured the area that you had selected. This is a great method for creating diagrams!

Magnify Design step 3b

Go have some fun magnifying other designs!

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