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(chorus 2x)
baby, baby can’t you see
your love is the only thing i need
you’re the only one for me
because of you my life’s complete.

i was sittin in my room
thinkin bout the times we share
thinkin that life’s not fair
when you’re not here by my side.
my baby’s in my mind all day
i can’t get over the way
you smile at me and say that you love me.
you’re as bright as the morning sun
you keep me safe from the rain
you help me ease my pain
when i need a shoulder to cry on.
i hear a knock at the door
could it be my baby’s here
and it’s your voice that i hear
that’s when i jump in your arms and sing.

(chorus 2x)

it’s in your eyes that i see
everything that we can be
you mean so much to me
i don’t know what i’d do without you.
did you know love starts with a smile
and then it grows with a kiss
but if it ends in a tear
then your worst fear just came true.
it was the day that i left you here
my heart was filled with tears
the one thing i feared came true
my baby’s gone, oh how i miss you.
hold on to the one you love
keep them close to your heart
even the times you’re apart
can two become one forever?

(jacorre’s rap)
girl when you came into my life
you were always there for me
you cared for me, you loved me so true
there’s nothin that i wouldn’t do for you
i would always be true to you
forever more
jacorre’s here to hold ya tight
all through the night
makin everything alright
you’re the only one i want in my life
i want you to be my wife
these days love comes and goes so fast
i’ve been through pain in the past
never thought i’d meet a girl
that would make it last
so now I’m happy i can sing
this song at last
baby, baby you and me
true love is what i do believe
cause you’re the only one for me
because of you, my life’s complete.

(chorus 3x)

This song features Janessa.

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