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Once Josh saw the challenges with our current website he knew he could help and he stepped up big.  Our website had gotten lost in the priorities of running the program, there was never time or money to address its shortcomings. But now under the guidance of Josh not only is our website considered “best in class” in graphic design but even more importantly in functionality and usability.

As a 100% volunteer run organization time is very tight for administrative tasks as well as our volunteers are not always trained in web master skills. It was a struggle to keep our old website up to date because of the difficultly of processing content and graphic changes and our information was constantly behind the current programs.  We also had to flow all changes through our webmaster since she was the only one in the organization who had the skills and software to update the site.  With the new design we have several people able to make updates, this is a huge benefit and we are no longer fighting with updates, our website is 100% accurate with the programs we offer.  Josh went the extra mile which left us with awesome documentation and instructions which enables MYS to quickly train new members and refresh ourselves on how to make changes.  This one deliverable (among so many) is invaluable to our organization.

A hidden benefit to our new website is the ability to offer to sponsors a “best in class” website which is a value for their businesses in terms of sharp advertising and monitoring of page visits.  We are able to demonstrate with Google Analytics website statistics we had zero visibility into with our old site.

Josh guided us every step of the way by offering his professional opinion on hosting companies, page design and flow and usability, all within the best practice of using “out of the box” functionality.  But of course “out of the box” never satisfies all requirements so when we required an announcement feature Josh quickly satisfied our requirement with his development skills and built a plug in for us.  We are now able to update field status with an added benefit of sending an email to all coaches notifying them of the status.  This is such an important plug in to a huge gap for MYS and our coaches.

I would be honored to speak to anyone looking to work with Joshua to give more insight to the great experience MYS had working with him.

Once again on behalf of myself and Mansfield Youth Soccer, I thank Josh for all he did for our organization.

– Kelly Kemp (President of Mansfield Youth Soccer)

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