Corel Draw Tutorials

Text On A Path

This tutorial will teach you how to type text on a path, make adjustments to its placement, separate the text from the path, and straighten the text after it’s been applied to a path. Continue reading »

Find And Replace A Color

When I made the wallpaper for the design studio, I used my gold color scheme. I also wanted to provide other color options for download, but changing the colors for each object would be time consuming. The Find and Replace option allowed me to quickly create different color schemes for my wallpaper within minutes! Continue reading »

Poker Chips

Go all in with this tutorial on how to create poker chips. You’ll also learn how to create a stack of poker chips. Continue reading »

3D Widget

With this tutorial, you’ll use a couple circles and some rectangles to create a cool looking 3d widget. Continue reading »

3D Cube

Using a few quick steps and some funky mouse moves, you can create a 3D cube in Corel Draw. Let’s get started! Continue reading »

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