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So what’s with this history palette thing? What’s it used for? Well let me tell you. The History palette keeps track of every step you take with the project you are working on. If you make a mistake, you can go back in history and change it! Boy I wish I had a history palette when it comes to life’s challenges that’s for sure! Alright let me show you an example.


Let’s say I’m making a signature that’s 350px by 150px. I used the Difference Clouds and Palette Knife filters.


Let’s take a look at the History palette. If it’s not already opened click on the Window menu and choose History. You can see that my steps have been saved in the history. I also clicked on the “Create new snapshot” button, which is highlighted in red.


A snapshot is basically like taking a picture of what your project looks like at that moment. You should now see the following in the history palette:


Now let’s add some brush strokes. I added 5 and came up with the following results:

Here’s what the history looks like:


Here’s where the beauty of the history palette comes into play. Let’s say I didn’t like the last two brush strokes. All I have to do is click two brush strokes back:

Let’s say I wanted to go back with what I started with before all the brush strokes. All I have to do is click on the snapshot:

Now I know what you’re thinking. What’s the big deal right? You can just use Alt Control Z and undo your steps. Yeah you could do that and keep going back until you get to where you started. But which is faster and more efficient?

Think about when you’re playing around with designs and using brush after brush or filter after filter. Using the history palette along with taking snapshots can efficiently guide you through the many steps you take with designing. So have some fun with going back in time!

NOTE: If the file is closed, the history is erased.

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