Dreamweaver Tutorials


Browser Testing Tutorial

Browser Testing
With all the different browsers out there, it's difficult to build a website that will work across the board. Fortunately, Dreamweaver does come with the ability to open the webpage you are constructing in various browsers so you can work out the kinks!

CSS Shorthand Tutorial

CSS Shorthand
Do you feel like your cascading stylesheet is growing a bit too big? Have you learned how to write CSS in shorthand form? Would you like Dreamweaver to do it for you as well? With this tutorial, you'll learn how!

Linking To Files Tutorial

Linking To Files
There's always multiple ways of doing the same thing within a software application. It's up to you to decide which method works best for you. This tutorial will teach you three different methods to link to files within Dreamweaver.

Remove Comments Tutorial

Remove Comments
Commenting the different sections of your webpage helps when you or a coworker needs to review, edit, or update your work. Comments can be simple one liners or detailed paragraphs. They are invisible to the users viewing your webpage, but they do add to the overall file size. This tutorial will show you how to quickly remove comments from your code!

Rollover Images Tutorial

Rollover Images
Adding rollover images is a nice way to add some eye candy to your site. In order to create a rollover image, you'll need two images for each navigation item and some javascript. Learn how to do this with the help of Dreamweaver.