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(chorus 2x)
baby come fly with me
we can do anything
you are a part of me
without you i’m incomplete.

tossin and turnin, i can’t sleep
us together is the dream i see
your beautiful smile, mysterious eyes
if this is heaven then i think i’ll die.
everything i see, every song i hear
reminds me of times when you were here
no matter where i go, or who i see
nothing can compare to you and me.

(chorus 2x)

in my heart, and deep within my soul
loving you is the only thing i know
through these years
i’ve seen many come and go
but in the end
they’ve got nothing left to show.
they say that love is patient, love is kind
love never ends
but it does play with your mind
some have faith
some hope for love that’s true
but the greatest of these
has always been loving you.

(chorus til end)

This song features Janessa.

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