Real Love

Real Love

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what is it about you
that makes me feel this way
there’s something about you
that i still feel today
is it the butterflies, deep inside
everytime i see you
is it the way you smile that drives me wild
everytime i’m with you
the way you hold me close
all through the night
knowin i’ll see the mornin light
in your eyes, you’re my baby.

(chorus 2x)
real love, us together
real love, lasts forever.

we’ve seen our ups and downs
but we always make it through
you are my everything
can’t see me without you
i don’t wanna be a memory
in the back of your mind
i wanna make sweet memories
with you for all time
i don’t really care what people say
they don’t understand
they wanna put up a fight
if lovin you is wrong
i don’t wanna be right.

(chorus 2x)

i’ll always be here for you
whenever you need me to
i’ll always be by your side
i’ll make everything feel right
i never felt this way before
some people think that i’m crazy
but if they felt the same way i did
when i’m with you
they’d understand, why, why i love you.

This song features Lizzy K.

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