Meant To Be

Meant To Be

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(chorus 2x)
hey lady, i’ve been lookin at you
you caught my eye
when you were passin through
so won’t you come here girl and talk to me
you know that you and me
were meant to be.

it’s the weekend, i’m goin out tonight
with my new threads on, i’m lookin alright
jump in the ride all shiny and new
don’t drive too fast so everyone sees you
called the fellas on the celly
meet up around 10
if tonight goes right we’ll do it again
pull up to the club
and the place was bumpin
dance floor jam packed
and the base was thumpin
we were sittin at the bar
scopin out the area
lookin for the one girl starin at ya
moved onto the floor
cause my song was playin
let the beat take ya over
you know what i’m sayin
that’s when i turned to my buddy
we ain’t down south
but that girl right thurr
nearly dropped my mouth
she turned around and smiled at me
i smiled right back
and made the move ya see.

(chorus 2x)

it’s a brand new day on saturday
goin to a house party at kid and play’s
the party’s nonstop till the break of dawn
and we ain’t leavin till the early morn
don’t think you’ll be takin any little siestas
cause this right hurr is the biggest fiesta
there’ll be hunnies all around
from town to town
the dj starts spinnin, we’ll be gettin down
everybody’s got their groove on
dancin up a storm
we ain’t partyin with nelly
but it’s gettin pretty warm
so i walked outside to catch some air
and saw two shooting stars
now that’s pretty rare
so as i watched one fall i made my wish
for the girl in my mind to give me a kiss
and to my surprise my wish came true
cause when i opened my eyes
she said mine did too.

(chorus 4x)

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