What If

What If

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like eminem
i feed off of what you throw at me
spittin back words and phrases
in ways that amaze you
rearrange the atmosphere
and take the world by storm.
deform the sky with my clouds of rhyme
into my eye you see peace and calm
all around i rain down
my thoughts and emotions
from ocean to ocean
from boston to bombay, la to stoughton
the tide can’t wash away my footprints
in the sands of time
these hands of mine
create one way streets
with signs pointin to my rhymes.
and what do they say
what do they really mean
do they seem to speak through your mind
and seep through your heart
do they keep goin, and not stop
till ya drop down to ya knees
cryin, Lord please
there’s no i in team, no cloud 9 to dream
no in between, there’s just you
why can’t you get the clue blue.

what if, you had a day to live
what if, you had a day to breathe
what if it was meant to be
if it was meant to see
if you could be all you could be
what if, you had a minute to spare
a minute to soar or scream that’s not fair
what if, you had a day to live
what if that day was today.

one morning, i woke up to the radio,
screamin no this can’t be real
that morning i could feel the pain
the cries of rain you can’t conceal
i could hear your hearts
hard to part from loved ones left behind
but in your mind i know you said goodbye
families reminisce and you they miss,
lookin down on them from heaven’s bliss
and this world will never be the same
ain’t it funny that leaders
wanna gain control
of the ones they buried
in a six foot hole in the ground
what kinda goal is this
we fight with fists and guns
with everyone, even families and friends
but in the end
you don’t know what you have
until it’s gone.
can’t you see this world can end
with one push of a button
this world keeps movin apart
and we gonna end up with nothin
ain’t it somethin, it takes
a national tragedy
to bring us together, for a bit
it’s just so sad to see.

(chorus 3x)

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