Two Roads

Two Roads

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the moment our eyes first met
i knew that it was true
the way you looked at me
i knew that it was you
no other girl would do
no other girl ever made me feel
that way you do
dark hair with your bright brown eyes
and your smile makes my sunrise
and your beauty makes the clouds cry
i reminisce about the times we shared
our first kiss
nothing can compare
to memories like this.
did you ever feel you lost
your one true friend
your everything in life
do anything for her
a ring to be your wife
you’d even sing to her
go back to the way things were
but now you’re lookin back
and thinkin that it was all a dream
words spoken in the past
have just come clean
words spoken in the present
are just so mean, did it seem.

(chorus 2x)
are you stuck between love and lettin go
only two roads to take which way to go
which one would give you happiness
which one would lay you down to rest.

i wanted to grow old with you
there’s nothin i wouldn’t do
i’d always be true to you
i told you, you made my life complete
you always made my heart skip a beat
you bring the fire baby i’d bring the heat.
i pictured us in a big house playin
i’d be the cat baby, you’d be the mouse
layin outside by the pool all day
watchin the kids grow up
and what they say
i pictured us growin old and grey
but you’d shine just like our first day
and we’d love eachother till our dyin days
till we meet eachother at the pearly gates
but it’s so lonely now
where did we lose our way
cause baby all i can be is be me
no use in tryin to be
the one true man that you can’t see
are you lookin for someone
to hold your hand
lookin for a man who can understand
girl that’s me.

(chorus 4x)

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