A Mom Like You

A Mom Like You

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I could have been abused and neglected
Bruised, beaten, unprotected
I could have been living on the streets
Feeling so alone, feeling so rejected

I could have been ignored or exhorted
Uncared for, unsupported
I could have been given no chance at life
I could have been aborted

But you put yourself aside
You stopped everything in your life
To provide for your kids
In good times and bad
And give them everything that you never had

And you lead by example
You laid a foundation
And your love unconditional
Without any limits, without duration

(Chorus 2x)
There were times you were right
And times I was wrong
And times when it seemed we couldn’t get along
But you gave me life
You raised me right
You sang me songs so I could sleep at night
You were always there to comfort me
You gave me strength when fear had conquered me
So I’d like to thank you for all that you do
How blessed am I to have a mom like you

I love you Mom

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