Walkin In Their Shoes

Walkin In Their Shoes

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(chorus 2x)
don’t you ever leave the one
who loves you
don’t you ever leave the one
who holds you true
cause you never know what love will do
when you find yourself
walkin in their shoes.

sometimes i look back to the days
when you and i were one
i think about what it would be like
if we were never done
i knew i made the biggest mistake
by leaving you alone
cause now i’m sittin here by myself
i’m on my own.

(chorus 2x)

when i met you i saw everything
i wanted in a man
when i looked into your eyes, i know i can
why’d i walk away from the one
who made my life complete
the mind knew which way to go
but the heart was too blind to see.

(chorus till end)

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