One Day At A Time

One Day At A Time

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they say that good things
come to those who wait
too many years is much too late
hoping that this won’t be my fate
living here all alone.
i’ve been afraid of loving again
too afraid to break my heart again
if you never lose by loving then
you lose by holding back.

(chorus 2x)
i don’t know what tomorrow brings
and i don’t know if we’ll mean anything
all i know is that you are mine
one day at a time.

if you take the fun out of life
you’re only left with a lie
but if you take the life out of love
your heart just wants to die
but my heart is growing fonder
my love is growing that much stronger
and i can’t wait that much longer
for you to be hear with me.

(chorus 2x)

i’ve been missing you
hoping that you miss me too
when im lovin you, when im holding you when im kissing you
and all i want is you
hoping that you want me too
when i look at you, you can feel it too
when i’m touching you.


This song features Jessalyn Sadler.


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