Break It Down

Break It Down

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i got the beat
that make the shoulders go pop
nonstop now i made it to the top
hip hop now the beat gonna drop
i got you movin so you know you can’t stop
on the floor, do you want some more (yeah)
can you feel me from shore to shore (yeah)
i got more beats than walmart got stores
don’t forget that the name’s jacorre
real sorry if i made ya sore
but you’re dealin with something
that’s so hardcore
i got the stuff that you can’t ignore
you can turn me up what you waitin for
it goes, 1 for the money, 2 for the show
3 to get ready, and 4 to go
lemme tell ya girl that my love is like whoa
so lemme see ya shake it
like i think ya know.

(chorus repeat 4x)
break it down now (break it down now)
break it down (break it down)

hey, i got the ladies on the floor
she’s all alone what you waitin for
betta make a move
she’s headin for the door
she’s eyein you, are you lookin to score
the way she moves is so hipnotic
feel the beat and make it so erotic
the way she looks is so exotic
she ain’t no britney but she’s so toxic
cristina shake it girl you so dirrtaaa
dancin in that short lil skirtaaa
oh, she such a lil flirtaaa
gettin so hot gotta take off the shirtaaa
1-2 to the 3 in the place to be
4-5 to the 6 just move your hips
7-8 to the 9 man you’re runnin outta time
now we’re up to 10 so let’s do it again
come on.


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