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you just don’t understand the thoughts
that run through my mind day and night
so many questions i need to ask yet
i can never find any real answers
any real truth to what lies ahead
it’s like i’m walkin down a dark tunnel but
but there’s no light at the end
leading me out
it’s like a neverending hallway
and every door i choose
never gets me to where i want to go
like i’m on this journey but
but the routes i take
keep bringing me back to where i started
why do i cry at night askin all these questions inside my head
they keep drivin me insane
i’m tossin and turnin in my bed
it’s causin me so much pain
like why do we give up
why do we gotta try
why do we smile, why do we cry
why do we live, and why do we die…

i turn the tv on, it’s on cnn
and like every other day
somebody lost another friend
a mother lost a daughter
a father lost a son
a kid just lost his parents
and now he’s on the run
another gun shot heard
is it comin to you
another bomb was dropped
now what are they gonna do
this ain’t no hardcore rap
but there’s some hardcore crack
that kids keep buyin on the streets
another school mishap, security we lack
somebody burnin in this heat
i’m sick of hearin this crap, a 9/11 attack
and now we finally take a seat
it’s just one big joke
with every freakin election
they promise tons of viagra
we never get an erection
they gotta cure for disease
we never get the injection
they’re gonna free our souls
there’s only one resurrection
we like to play these games
and think that we’re gonna win
but it’s just one big shame
we live a life of sin
if life’s like a puzzle, where does this fit in?

(chorus 2x)
i’m scared Lord
have i been livin in a dream
cause now it seems like the world
is a very big place to me
i guess i was blind, i just didn’t want to see
that all that’s been goin on is reality
(why does it gotta be like this though)
(why do we have to be like this)
(i don’t understand)

we got kids on the street
with nothin on their feet
families on the run
cause there’s nothin to eat
there’s mothers and fathers
who don’t talk at all
friends for years but
they don’t even bother to call
oh no wait a minute
look at this it’s you that did it
pointin fingers at eachother
blamin everyone and their mother
but if we opened our eyes
there’d be no surprise
to all the lies that you can’t deny
cause if we all looked at ourselves
in the mirror
the truth would be so much clearer
we only have ourselves to blame
for all the things
that are drivin this world insane
back in the past i made some mistakes that i thought would last
i thought my life was done
and i was on the run
i’m afraid to write my future
i’m afraid to see if it’s not true
when i look into the mirror
i’m afraid to see that it’s not you
i was standing on the edge lookin down
thinkin to myself should i let go
aww man, i don’t know

(chorus 2x)

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