Google Apps Script Tutorials

How To Move Rows of Data Between Google Sheets

Have you ever needed to move one row or multiple rows of data from one sheet to another within the same Google spreadsheet? With this tutorial, you’ll not only learn how to do that but also make sure the user is on the correct sheet when performing the move as well as selecting the correct number of columns. Let’s get started! Continue reading »

How To Display a Message in Google Documents and Spreadsheets

Letting an end user know when something has finished running is very important. It gives them a visual clue that the process has completed so they aren’t sitting there guessing or trying to run the process again. Let’s learn how to display a message to an end user in both a Google Document and Spreadsheet! Continue reading »

How To Remove Duplicate Rows in Google Spreadsheets

Cleaning up duplicate data is a necessary evil. You wouldn’t want your counts or stats to be off because of duplicates. In this tutorial, we’ll learn how to remove duplicates from Google Spreadsheets, including some important points to keep in mind. Continue reading »

How To Get Google Spreadsheet Values, Formulas, or Both

When working with Google Spreadsheets, most of the time you’re interested in the values in each cell. However, there may be circumstances when you need the formulas. What if you needed both the values and the formulas? In this tutorial, we’ll be covering all three scenarios! Continue reading »

How To Create Custom Functions in Google Spreadsheets

Google Spreadsheets already provide a wide variety of functions that can be used to manipulate data, calculate numbers, etc. What if you have your own functions that you would like to use as a formula within a Google Spreadsheet? With the power of Google Apps Script, it can be done! Let’s learn how. Continue reading »

How To Create Custom Menus in Google Documents and Spreadsheets

Not all end users are programmers right? So it wouldn’t make sense to force them into a programming environment to run functions. That’s why software applications provide user friendly menus where end users can choose from a variety of options. Let’s learn how to get that helpful functionality you just created as an option in a custom menu! Continue reading »

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