Illustrator Tutorials

Stylize Text

Don’t think you have to be limited to the fonts you have. You can take any font and stylize it to your liking. Here’s a method for doing just that. Continue reading »

Rotate Individual Characters

Sometimes text can get a little boring. Here’s a way to rotate individual characters and make that text a little more fun! Continue reading »

Justify Text Manually

The option to justify text can be found within the Paragraph window. But what if the text you want to justify isn’t actually text anymore? What if you created outlines of your text in order to stylize the text a bit more. How can you justify the text now? With this tutorial you’ll learn how! Continue reading »

Gradient Text

It’s easy right? Just select your text, go to Type > Create Outlines and then apply your gradient. But what if you need to edit the text? You can’t after you create outlines! This tutorial will teach you how to add a gradient and still be able to edit your text! Continue reading »

Distort Text

Learn how to distort text and have it take on a certain shape, a shape that you can define. Continue reading »

Yin And Yang Symbol

Learn how to create the very popular yin and yang symbol, which is used to represent the unity of opposites. Continue reading »

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