Photoshop Tutorials

History Palette

So what’s with this history palette thing? What’s it used for? Well let me tell you. The History palette keeps track of every step you take with the project you are working on. If you make a mistake, you can go back in history and change it! Boy I wish I had a history palette when it comes to life’s challenges that’s for sure! Alright let me show you an example. Continue reading »

Tutorial Screenshots

You’ve probably read through so many tutorials and noticed all the screenshots being used. You may have also asked yourself how these screenshots were captured. With this tutorial you’ll find out how. Continue reading »

Resize An Image

Sometimes the current size of an image isn’t exactly what you wanted. Instead of making the image again from scratch, let’s resize the image with a few minor adjustments! Continue reading »

Create A Favicon

Have you ever seen the little icons appearing in the address bar at the top of your browser? Maybe you’ve seen it in your Favorites? Would you like to learn how to create one? Continue reading »

How To Make A Pattern

Making patterns is pretty easy. You start with a blank canvas, make it the size you like, and just let your imagination run wild. What I usually start with is a 10×10 pixel canvas. I then zoom in to 1000%. This allows me to work pixel by pixel so I can make the design very detailed. Continue reading »

Flower Pattern Background

In this detailed tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a nice flower pattern background. Continue reading »

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