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(chorus 2x)
the pressure to succeed
the pressure to lose
the pressure to live
the pressure to choose
feels like the weight of the world
is on top of you
and you just keep goin round
there’s no stoppin you.

you don’t own me
don’t think that you know me
what you see is what you get
yeah that’s the same thing they told me
but there’s so much more to me
than meets the eye
you think by just lookin at me
that now you know the whole guy
you think i got it made
and the grass is always green on my side
well i’m a tell you that you got it wrong
there’s no such thing as a perfect ride
there’s gonna be bumps
there’s gonna be curves
i can’t turn back on a one way street
there’s gonna be stumps
there’s gonna be words
i scratch and hack for the one best seat
you see there’s been so many times
when all i can do is cry
i just can’t get by the fact that all i do is try
to do the best that i can
but i will never understand
i just can’t be a perfect man.

(chorus 2x)

ever since i was young
i’ve been taught good from bad
learned to appreciate everything i had
never sin or argue, never cuss or fight
treat everyone with respect
and say my prayers at night
i have to strive for the best grades
best cars, best clothes
i can never make a mistake
cause then everyone knows
that’d be the end of the show
and i’d be kicked out the door
oh no there he goes
i got society on one side
family on the other
friends mixed in the middle
can i find myself another
everyone tries to paint a picture
and mold you into what they want to see
it’s a reflection of me
but is it who i wanna be
it’s a reflection of me
but is it really what i see
cause did i really have a say
in anything goin on
sometimes the left is right
and the right is wrong.

(chorus 4x)

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