How To Make A Pattern

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Making patterns is pretty easy. You start with a blank canvas, make it the size you like, and just let your imagination run wild. What I usually start with is a 10×10 pixel canvas. I then zoom in to 1000%. This allows me to work pixel by pixel so I can make the design very detailed.


I choose a background color. Let’s say I choose black. I fill the canvas with black using the Paint Bucket Tool.


I choose the color grey and with my Pencil Tool set with a diameter of 1 pixel I begin to draw a pattern. When I am satisfied with my design, I then go to Edit > Define Pattern and give it a name.


The final step is to actually use the pattern you just created. Open another blank canvas or some other project you’d like to use it with, select the Paint Bucket Tool, making sure the Fill is set to Pattern. Choose the pattern you just made and fill the canvas. You should get the following result:

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